Hydrospeed is also known as river boarding and is in effect surfing on white water rapids. It is excellent fun and if you want to get close to the water - this is the way to do it!

The French claim to have invented hydrospeed in the late 1970s when raft guides stuffed mail sacks with buoyancy aids and went down the rapids of the local rivers. 

After years of adaptation and evolution, the foam hydrospeed board was created. Lightweight and safe in collisions, the sport of hydrospeed has never looked back!

To do hydrospeed, you lie on your board, and there are handles or inserts that you put your arms in to hold on to. You wear flippers on your feet which you use to steer and propel the hydrospeed.

After that you just enjoy the roller coaster ride down the rapids.

All our hydrospeed guides are fully qualified to French and European standards.