The Undiscovered Mountains Team

Who Does What at Undiscovered Mountains?

We have a team of professionals who deal with all aspects of running Undiscovered Mountains including the website sales and marketing and general administration in the UK. 

In each destination we also have a core team of local destination managers and head guides creating, organising and ensuring the safety and quality of all your adventures and experiences with Undiscovered Mountains. We also work with many local accommodation providers, guides and instructors who are experts and professionals in their field in the destinations.

Undiscovered Mountains Behind the Scenes!

Sally Guillaume -  Founder and Director

I qualified as a science teacher with outdoor education and then retrained as a journalist, working at the BBC before setting up Undiscovered Mountains which I have been running for 15 years. I am passionate about providing high quality experiences exploring the mountains and getting away from the honey pot destinations. I believe in sustainable tourism, using local experts and investing the benefits of tourism back into the host destinations. I live in the French Alps where I head up the Southern French Alps destination but am often back in the UK!

Leon Cottell - IT Manager 

 I qualified a ...few... years ago with a BSc. in Industrial Management and an MSc. in Information Systems and have over 20 years experience in the tech industry with experience of many complex web development projects in both the public and private sector. I am also a keen mountain biker and like a bit of skiing so was delighted when Undiscovered Mountains approached me to work on their site! I am now in charge of the development and maintenance of the Undiscovered Mountains website and back office solutions.

Pete Boucher - SEO Manager

I handle the technical SEO for Undiscovered Mountains and although I'm based in West Yorkshire, I love to grab my Snowboard and hit the mountains. Having this passion for active holidays helps me translate the Undiscovered Mountains message into a format that Google understands and wants to rank within their search results

Catriona McGale - PR Manager

I hail from Glasgow originally but now live in slightly sunnier Leeds. I manage all of the PR activity for Undiscovered Mountains helping us to get our unique multi-activity offerings featured across national newspapers and top travel news sites. I am a keen traveller myself and have road-tripped across both the USA and Europe, as well as inter-railing around Europe too. 

Undiscovered Mountains in our Destinations!

Jean-Bernard Masset ("JB") - Destination Manager - French Alps

I was born and raised in the beautiful Southern French Alps - but truly realised how amazing this place is after having left it for several years. I spent half of my adult life travelling extensively, and spent a few years living abroad (Germany, Sweden, USA). I met Sally during one of these trips and we talked a lot about this beautiful region - the one I had my roots in, and the one she had her views on. When I moved back to Gap, our ideas became reality and I started working for Undiscovered Mountains - lucky me! In the borderless world I dream of, I strongly believe in tourism not only as a way of making a living but as a way for people from different countries and cultures to mix and exchange. It is always a true pleasure for me to see our lovely clients from all over the world discover our little piece of paradise, meet our local guides and providers, and enjoy the peaceful local life as well as our many delicious terroir products.

Bernard Guillaume - Head Guide - French Alps

I'm from Gap and have lived and worked in the mountains of the Southern French Alps all my life. I love the wildness and quiet of our mountains. I was an accompagnateur en montagne and a ski instructor before achieving my dream of becoming a UIAGM high mountain guide. I am passionate about anything to do with the mountains especially mountain wildlife and have been tracking the evolution of wolves in the Southern French Alps. I run all the ice climbing, ski touring, wolf tracking, snowshoeing and skiing activities in the winter and canyoning, via ferrata, rock climbing and mountaineering in the summer for Undiscovered Mountains with our team of trusted professional guides. I love meeting and teaching new people and sharing a mutual passion and love for nature and the outdoors.

Robert Molnar - Destination Manager - Norway

I spent most of my childhood discovering the great outdoors. I felt a deep interest in sports particularly in orienteering which paved my way into a very exciting guiding teaching career.
I studied education, outdoor recreation and sport science. I did some  research studies at high altitude - working with athletes as well as supporting mountain expeditions. I thoroughly enjoyed time working with young people in wilderness settings. All these experiences created an even deeper interest to learn more about summer and winter guiding.
Now hold an IML and BASI Nordic and Alpine instructor qualification and I spend most of my time either on expeditions around the world, teaching young people or managing and guiding winter activities in Norway.