Road Cycling in the Mountains:

Road cycling is a passionate addictive sport that leaves you always wanting more! The winding hairpin roads typical of the mountains are challenges for cyclists and some like the famous Alpe D'Huez in the French Alps with it's 21 hairpin bends have become world famous mythical climbs. The technique for road cycling in the mountains is different to long flat rides and energy management and a strong psychological endurance is of prime importance. Road cycling in the mountains is the ultimate physical challenge for cycling enthusiasts.

It doesn't matter how tough the last climb was, or how you felt when you hit the wall just before a 500m climb home, you will still want to go out on your bike tomorrow. Once you have got the cycling bug it is there to stay!

You do need a good level of fitness for the big cycling climbs up mountain passes but it is also possible to cycle on some of the lower valley roads and do shorter distances if your legs and lungs are just not up for the tough stuff! 

Road Cycling Holidays:

We love cycling here at Undiscovered Mountains and have put together a range of cycling trips with the flexibility to tailor make them to suit you. 

Tick off the famous Tour de France cols on an Alps cycling holiday tailor made for your group or get off the beaten track and explore the mountain roads on your bike. Cycling in the mountains is pure cycling pleasure and we are here to help you discover it and make the most of the mountain roads using our local experts!

Cycling clubs and groups looking for a training week in the Alps, will like our fully inclusive cycling training week taking in the big Alpine climbs. This trip can also be fully customised to your club.

Electric Road Cycling Holidays:

If you would love to cycle the famous Tour de France cols or big mountain passes but just don't have the legs for it anymore, then an electric bike could be the means to your dream come true! Have a look at our electric biking holiday taking in the Tour de France cols as well as a customisable e-biking trip.

There is a veritable electric bike revolution going on, especially in mountainous areas. Read our blog about why e-biking is taking off in the Alps. The new generation of e-bikes have longer battery power and look great! They can provide assistance up to speeds of 25kmph, making them great for any uphills. It is up to you how much extra oomph you take from the battery and how much you pedal. This flexibility has made them extremely popular with cyclists and mountain bikers alike. They have proved so popular we have even created a dedicated electric road cycling and electric mountain biking holiday section on our website.

Family Activity Holidays with Road Cycling

It is rare for a whole family to be passionate roadies or have the same fitness and technical level of cycling but for cyclists with family it can be frustrating not to be able to get out on your bike during a family holiday! Our fully customisable summer multi activity holiday provides the perfect solution for this. The holiday includes activity points that you can exchange for wide range of activities including road cycling and electric road cycling as well as activities like canyoning, via fermata, rafting and more and is flexible enough for different members of the family to choose the activities they want to do all on the same holiday.