Winter Activity Holidays

There are a multitude of winter activities to try in the mountains in winter and we have a range of holidays to choose from. Skiing of course, but not just...! In fact we  encourage non-skiing holidays to help develop a more sustainable tourism industry in the Alps.

Why not join a group of like minded people snowshoeing, wolf tracking, ski touring or on an ice climbing course or choose one of our tailor made winter multi activity holidays where you can mix and match a wide range of activities from husky sledding to sleeping in an igloo!

For more information and FAQs on winter activity holidays, please go to the bottom of the page.

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What is a Winter Activity Holiday?

A winter activity holiday is a fabulous way to experience the mountains in winter.

Most people think of skiing when considering a winter snow holiday, but there is so much more to see and do than just skiing.

You can try husky sleddingice climbingsnowshoeingbuild an igloo and sleep in itfat biking and more.

Multi Activity Winter Holidays

Our most popular winter activity holidays are our fully customisable winter activity holidays in the Alps and winter weekend breaks where you can choose what activities and adventures you want to do and where you want to stay. 

These holidays use our unique activity points system where we include a number of activity points with your holiday that you can then exchange for a range of activities. 

This gives you complete flexibility on choosing what activities you want to do. ur local experts will tailor make your personalised itinerary using your chosen activities as well as give you tips and advice on other things to see and do.

This is great for mixed groups and family winter holidays where not everyone wants to do the same thing or if you have skiers and non-skiers in your party.

Our flexible formula also means you can come for a short weekend winter activity break or choose a full week or longer of winter adventure and snow fun.

Other Winter Sports Holidays and Adventures

If you prefer a main sport like downhill skiing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing but would like to try out a few different activities on your holiday then we have holidays with a main base sport and the choice of other winter adventures to add to your itinerary. 

Have a look at our Cross Country Skiing Week and Ski Adventure Holidays for inspiration for these types of winter sports based activity holidays.

If you want a pure ski touring holiday or snowshoeing holiday or fancy a go at learning to ice climb we also have winter activity holidays specialising in these outdoor pursuits. Nature lovers will also love our wolf tracking holiday.

Where to go for your Winter Activity Holiday?

The mountains of Europe have many winter sports destinations with the French Alps being the most popular. We have focused our European winter activity holiday offers in the Southern French Alps as this part of the Alps is a bit more off the tourist track and offers the best variety of activities we have come across.


Are your winter activity holidays all ski based?

No, not at all. Some of our holidays are traditional downhill skiing but even these include a choice of alternative winter activities like husky sledding. We also have snowshoeing holidays, cross country skiing holidays, ice climbing holidays and ski touring holidays. Our most popular winter activity holiday is our fully customisable winter multi activity holiday where you can choose from a wide range of activities including all of the above, paragliding, zip lining, igloo building and more.

Do you have holidays that work for both skiers and non-skiers?

Yes our fully customisable winter multi activity holiday works for couples, families and groups where there are some skiers and some non-skiers as each member of the party can choose what they spend their activity points on. We can also tailor make holidays with a weekly ski pack for some members and a non-ski pack for other members of the same group all staying in the same accommodation.

Are your winter activity holidays suitable for children?

Yes for skiing holidays children as young as four can learn to ski. However, for most other snow activities and even for optimal results learning to ski, we recommend age seven as a good starting age. 

How environmentally friendly are your winter activity holidays?

We pride ourselves in thinking out of the box and promoting as many non-ski or resort based winter activities to try to reduce the reliance in the European mountain resorts on the ski industry. We run wolf tracking trips, snowshoeing trips and other holidays away from the resorts to try to encourage an appreciation of the winter natural environment and develop a non-ski based economy that is more resistant to global warming. We also plant a tree on your behalf when you book your holiday in a reforestation scheme we run with our partners Mossy Earth.