Family Activity Holidays

Activity holidays are a great way for families to share adventures and create powerful bonding moments by pushing boundaries, laughing and having fun together.

 Our holidays are perfect for families with teenagers, families with younger children, families with mixed ages and even families with young adults who still want to holiday with mum and dad (especially if mum and dad are paying!!).

 Our most popular family activity holidays are our fully customisable summer and winter multi activity holidays. These holidays all include activity points that you can exchange for a wide range of activities in the area where your holiday is based.

 Our local experts will take your choices and put together your personalized itinerary using their local expertise and knowledge so that you can make the most of the area and the activities you have chosen.

Thanks to the wide range of activities available these holidays are perfectly adaptable for all ages. So, whether you are planning your last family holiday with older teenagers before they go off into the big wide world on their own or catering for young children, you will find the perfect adventures and activities for your family. 

 You can also share points around and do different activities within your family. For families with mixed ages and abilities this flexible formula works perfectly.

 We also have other family friendly holidays that are based on specific sport interests. These sorts of holidays work really well when the whole family is into a particular sport like skiing or walking or biking. Some of these also include activity points so you can mix up your main sport with a few mornings or afternoons doing other things.

 If you can’t find what you are looking for below, please do contact us with your wish list and we will get back to you with some tailored suggestions.


Family Activity Holidays