Carbon Offsetting

Plant a Tree to Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

We believe very strongly in sustainable and responsible tourism and we do everything we can in our destinations to help tourism have a positive impact on the local environment and communities. 

However, whether flying, driving or travelling by train, the carbon spend of travel does impact the environment.

That’s why we offer a carbon offsetting programme with Mossy Earth, which allows you to compensate for the environmental impact of your travel by planting a tree.

We run our carbon offsetting programme year-round at a cost of € 11 per tree which can be added on to your booking when you check out after you book any holiday.  

All through December for every booking we also give our clients a Christmas gift by providing the opportunity to plant a tree in your name free of charge. We do this for every booking made in December.

Our Plant a Tree for Christmas Offer

When you book with us in December you will get one tree planted in your name, completely on us. Think of it as our Christmas gift to you, and the environment.

One tree would offset the carbon costs of an average European flight for one person.

We have one Undiscovered Mountains forest located in a specially reserved area in Portugal and Mossy Earth are now planting in the Southern Carpathian region. When your tree is planted you will be sent a photo of your tree plus GPS co-ordinates so you can locate your tree on a map, and even go visit in person.

We will automatically add a tree to your booking free of charge if you book in December and you also have the option to add more trees by selecting the option on your booking form. 

The offer is valid for one tree per booking, made through 1st - 31st December.

More Information About Our Carbon Offsetting Programme

While we encourage responsible and eco-friendly tourism, there is no getting away from the fact that to travel to our destinations our clients need to fly, drive or take the train. Whilst the train probably offers the most environmentally friendly option with the lowest carbon footprint, it is not always the most practical or economic solution. As such, many of our clients choose to fly or drive, notching up their carbon spend.

After studying many different carbon offsetting programmes and schemes, we discovered that it was difficult to find one with a clear and transparent use of the carbon offsetting contribution. 

Then we discovered Mossy Earth!

Mossy Earth have a completely transparent tree planting and re-wilding project that travellers can participate in to offset their carbon footprint. They plant native trees in deforested areas or areas damaged by wildfires in different locations around Europe.

They provide you with a GPS coordinate and photo for each tree you purchase so you can locate it on the map or even visit. 

Mossy Earth have already allocated a part of their forest in Portugal to Undiscovered Mountains to grow and our clients  have already planted many trees here. They have now moved to a new project in the Southern Carpathian mountains which is where your tree will go when you choose it with a holiday with us now.

Here is the Undiscovered Mountains forest in Portugal which has been planted by trees bought by our clients.