Walking Holidays

A walking holiday in the mountains is just what you need for a bit of healthy exercise, spectacular views, a hiker's suntan and lots of chatting and bonding time with friends and family.

Walking and hiking holidays in the mountains don't have to be extreme. There are options for all levels of fitness and experience with easy to moderate walking and more technical walking for experienced trekkers! We have arranged walking and trekking holidays for all sorts of people from families with young children through to seasoned mountain goats! 

We have a range of self guided walking holidays and guided walking holidays in the French Alps with the stunning views and beautiful mountain scenery you would expect from these magnificent mountains. Come for a short break walking weekend or stay for a longer hiking tour. The choice is yours!

Family Walking Holidays:

The Southern French Alps is great for family walking holidays as there are lots of alpine passes with great views easily accessible in a short walking time. Have a read of our Best Family Walks with a View in the Southern French Alps blog article.

You can combine child friendly walks self-guided or guided with a nature or wildlife theme as part of our summer activity holidays.

Experienced Walkers:

For experienced walkers, there are some wonderful long distance refuge to refuge walking routes and walking tours like the Tour du Vieux Chaillol, which is a very popular classic long distance trek and can be done as a guided walking tour or self-guided walking holiday where we arrange your itinerary and baggage transfers for you. These French Alps trekking holidays also promote responsible tourism by supporting the guardians in the mountain refuges.

Walking and Wildlife:

Some of our walking holidays also have wildlife and nature themes like  wolf tracking in the French Alps if you want to add a little something extra to your walk! You can also choose a nature walk or bird watching as part of a summer activity holiday.

Wildlife lovers will also love our refuge to refuge walk through the foothills of the Alps, an area exceptionally rich in flora and fauna.

Walking and Gastronomy:

What is better than finishing off a day of hiking in the mountains with a well-deserved gourmet dinner! Food lovers will love our Gourmet Walking Holiday in the Alps! This is one of our most popular guided walking holidays in France.

It is up to you whether you want to choose a long distance walking itineraries in the mountains go for a fully tailor made walking holiday from one or two bases. You can decide if you want to be self guided or guided or do a bit of both. 

For moderate walkers and families, a great option is to combine some day walks and half days walking as part of a summer activity holiday. There are options for nature walks and wildlife spotting walks too on these holidays.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the options below, please just contact us with your wish list and we can tailor make something for you.

Walking Holidays