Autumn Activity Holidays

As the heat of the summer cools down and before the winter snow arrives, the mountains of Europe transition in preparation for the snow and cold of winter. It is a spectacular time of year to visit for an activity holiday in Europe.

The rich autumn colours of gold, red and orange decorate the mountainsides amongst the evergreens. Trees and shrubs laden with berries and nuts beg to be picked, mushrooms spore on the forest floors and marmottes, squirrels, bears and other hibernating animals scurry around for food to stock up before their long sleep.

As autumn progresses the morning air becomes crisper, making the warm sunny afternoons all the more appreciated.

The other big advantage of an autumn holiday in Europe for those seeking peace and quiet and an escape from busy lives is that the main summer holidays and school holidays are over so the mountains of Europe are quiet! You can have them pretty much to yourselves!

Autumn in Nepal in the Himalayas is also one of the best times of year to visit for a trekking holiday as the monsoon season is over and the harsh winter not yet set in.

Best Activity Holidays in Autumn

The weather and climate throughout autumn is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities and any endurance or cardiovascular sport such as walking, hiking,  running, cycling, mountain biking or electric biking. Have a look at our walking holidays, our e-biking holidays, our mountain biking holidays and road cycling holidays.

Other autumn activities include rock climbing, via ferrata, tree climbing, caving, paragliding and many other active adventure sports.

Foragers will also love the fact that it is mushroom season and berries and nuts are in abundance. Check out for our foragers food walking holiday!

At the beginning of autumn it is still warm enough for some water sports like canyoning or white water rafting and our highly popular summer multi activity holiday in the Alps with a choice of over 30 adventures and activities is still possible.

For later in autumn, we have devised an autumn version of this holiday, our autumn multi activity holiday in the Alps which is perfect for people looking for a range of autumn activities and adventures to experience. This holiday is highly recommended for families looking for a family break for October half term.

If you are looking at coming in winter and like the multi activity holiday concept, then have a look at our winter multi activity holiday in the Alps.

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