Cross Country Skiing Holidays

About the Sport of Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a winter sport that comes in many guises! Essentially it is using cross country skis, and yes there are many types of cross country skis, to cover ground along plateaux, valley bottoms and undulating mountainous terrain. As soon as the mountains get too steep, then ski touring skis and techniques are used.

Most cross country skiing takes place on managed tracks and trails in the snow, pisted with grooves for classic cross country skiing and a flat part for skating. As soon as you go off piste, you enter into nordic skiing territory which requires slightly different skis.

Have a read of our blog article for more information about the different types of cross country skiing.

Skating is the type of cross country skiing you see in the Olympics biathlon and has a reputation for being an excellent, probably the best, sport for cardio training. Endurance athletes from all sporting disciplines from boxing to rowing use cross country skiing and skating in particular as a very effective cross training element to their training programmes. 

For a less physically demanding experience, the classic cross country skiing is easy to learn and is great fun for all ages and abilities. You can go as fast and for as long as you like to explore the nordic valleys and undulating mountain terrain. Perfect for families wanting a day away from the downhill pistes doing something different.

Cross Country Skiing Holidays:

We have a choice of cross country skiing holidays and tours for all ages, fitnesses and abilities. Most of our holidays can be tailored for different durations so you can come for a short weekend break or a longer winter holiday.

For sporty people or sports clubs looking for a winter cross training experience for triathletes, cyclists, rowers, runners or other endurance sportsmen and women, our winter cross training endurance trip is very popular and can be tailored for any group's needs.

For cross country skiers who like the idea of going on a journey or cross country ski tour,  our nordic skiing tours are ideal - taking you on a nordic cross country ski tour through the snowy alpine valleys.

Families and couples looking for a winter holiday with a range of sports or who want to dip in and out of cross country skiing to explore the ski trails and pistes, or try it for the first time, our fully customisable winter activity holiday is a great as you can tailor it to suit you using our unique activity points system. 

Cross Country Skiing Holidays