About Undiscovered Mountains

We love the mountains and the huge variety of activities and adventures to be had in them and we believe in making nature’s best playground accessible to all!

We pride ourselves in knowing our destinations personally by getting to know the locals and exploring all its hidden secrets in person.

This local knowledge means that we can offer you a seem-less, stress free experience and guarantee you will see and experience the best activities and accommodation available in the destination. We've done all the research so you don't have to! You can expect a whole lot more from your holiday that you won’t find on the net!

So, say goodbye to spending hours trawling through TripAdvisor reviews or Booking.com wondering if the reviews are genuine, filtered or payed for or getting frustrated with trying to work out who offers what and how far it is from where you think you will stay, or if they are even open when you will be there.

When you book an Undiscovered Mountains holiday you  hand over all that time consuming, stressful organising responsibility to someone you can trust. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy!


Our main destination is the Southern French Alps and we have over a decade of experience years specialising in activity holidays in this lesser known but idyllic, adventure capital of the Alps. 

We are now looking for new destinations to join us to open the door to other, lesser known, mountain ranges and we will keep you posted as these develop!

Wherever you travel with us, you can be sure to receive the highest standards of customer service and a safe and quality holiday with our local knowledge that really makes the difference. 

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We are committed to sustainable tourism and the protection and preservation of the mountain habitat. As such we abide by and support local conservation projects and policies for the continued evolution and protection of the mountain environment and its inhabitants. We choose to work with local guides, companies and accommodation who share the same values.

Who Does What at Undiscovered Mountains?

Sally Guillaume - Director 

I discovered the magic of  the mountain environment in my teens. Every holiday since was exploring mountains! I am passionate about providing high quality experiences exploring the mountains and getting away from the honey pot destinations. I believe in sustainable tourism, using local experts and investing the benefits of tourism back into the host destinations. 

Susie Turnbull - Director 

I am a passionate outdoory and self confessed country bumpkin! I am enthusiastic cyclist and you'll see me in all weathers on my bike! I am also passionate about making seemingly inaccessible mountain activities accessible to all and adore hearing stories of people's first experiences! 

Pete Boucher - SEO Manager

I handle the technical SEO for Undiscovered Mountains and although I'm based in West Yorkshire, I love to grab my Snowboard and hit the mountains. Having this passion for active holidays helps me translate the Undiscovered Mountains message into a format that Google understands and wants to rank within their search results

Catriona McGale - PR Manager

I hail from Glasgow originally but now live in slightly sunnier Leeds. I manage all of the PR activity for Undiscovered Mountains helping us to get our unique multi-activity offerings featured across national newspapers and top travel news sites. I am a keen traveller myself and have road-tripped across both the USA and Europe, as well as inter-railing around Europe too. 

Leon Cottell - IT Manager

I qualified a ...few... years ago with a BSc. in Industrial Management and an MSc. in Information Systems and have over 20 years experience in the tech industry with experience of many complex web development projects in both the public and private sector.  I am also a keen mountain biker and like a bit of skiing so was delighted when Undiscovered Mountains approached me to work on their site! I am now in charge of the development and maintenance of the Undiscovered Mountains website and back office solutions.

Emily Blanchard - Sales Manager

I discovered the mountains as a chalet girl in the Southern French Alps and fell in love with the area and one of the locals! Now married to my Frenchman, I live in Reading and am very proud to be in charge of sales for Undiscovered Mountains. Helping clients choose the best holiday for their desires and needs in an area I am passionate about with a company that I know will deliver is the perfect job!