About Undiscovered Mountains

We love the mountains and the huge variety of activities and adventures to be had in them and we believe in making nature’s best playground accessible to all!

After 11 years specializing in activity holidays as Undiscovered Alps we decided to evolve the company to become Undiscovered Mountains to open the door to other, lesser known, mountain ranges.

The idea is to be able to offer the same quality activity holidays we have been doing in the Southern French Alps in other mountain ranges.

Rather than just using any old suppliers, we will be looking for companies and people with a passion for their mountain range to sign up to the Undiscovered Mountains brand and the high quality standards that go with it and replicate the same style of holidays we do in the Southern French Alps.

This means we can guarantee the highest standards of customer service, quality holidays and safety that you expect from us on your holiday and provide you that expert local knowledge that really makes the difference.

You will get the best pick of activities and accommodation in whichever mountain range you choose to travel and a whole lot more that you won’t find on the net!

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

We are committed to sustainable tourism and the protection and preservation of the mountain habitat. As such we abide by and support local conservation projects and policies for the continued evolution and protection of the mountain environment and its inhabitants. We choose to work with local guides, companies and accommodation who share the same values.

Sally Guillaume - Director

I discovered the mountains in my teens and despite the UK mist, rain and wind, the magic of the mountain environment captured me. Every holiday since was exploring mountains! I studied science and outdoor education at university and became a teacher. I then had a career change and went to work for the BBC as a journalist. I finally found my feet when I set up Undiscovered Alps in 2005 and started out in the world of tourism and activity holidays. The business grew and grew and has now evolved into Undiscovered Mountains. I am passionate about providing high quality experiences exploring the mountains and getting away from the honey pot destinations. I believe in sustainable tourism, using local experts and investing the benefits of tourism back into the host destinations. Now, living in our first Undiscovered Mountains destination, the Southern French Alps and running the company, I can genuinely say, "I love my job!"

Susie Turnball - Director

I am Sally's sister and the 'second director'!! I am in charge of the UK office! It's me who receives your booking forms, all the bills and basically manages the UK office administration of Undiscovered Mountains alongside my other job as occupational therapist. I am a keen cyclist and you'll see me in all weathers on my bike! I love the outdoors and spend most of my holidays visiting Sally in the Alps or doing something outdoory!