Health and Safety Policy


Undiscovered Mountains is the responsible tour operator for all activity holidays sold via its website and booking platform. A copy of public liability insurance is available on request.

Use of Contracted Suppliers:

In addition to it’s own staff and transport, Undiscovered Mountains uses a variety of activity, transport and accommodation providers to create your final activity holiday package.

All suppliers are contracted to Undiscovered Mountains and vetted to ensure they are up to date with their public liability insurance, qualifications and that they operate within French and European norms and legal requirements for their activity, transport or accommodation. Copies of documents are available on request.

Activity Risk Assessments:

Undiscovered Mountains requests risk assessments from activity providers and can provide these on request.

Before Departure:

Undiscovered Mountains will request the organiser of the trip to verify the fitness and ability of the participants to ensure they are able to undertake the activities planned.

Information on levels of fitness and any skills required are provided by Undiscovered Mountains on the holiday descriptions and activity pages of the activities selected and can be requested at any time. For all water sports, participants must be able to swim 25m and be comfortable putting their head underwater.

Dietary requirements, health issues and other information which may affect the participants’ health and safety during their trip are requested from the client and recorded in the private client area of the booking system before departure. These details are checked and verified by Undiscovered Mountains staff and forwarded to the relevant accommodations, restaurants and activity providers where relevant.

All participants are required to sign a Covid 19 and an activity disclaimer  before arriving in destination.

All participants are required to have their own travel insurance covering eventual medical, ambulance and repatriation costs in the case of an accident. The insurance must cover the activities included in the itinerary.

In Destination:


Undiscovered Mountains will keep the contact details of the lead person for each booking accessible for the duration of the holiday and will make sure the lead person has the contact details of their representative and emergency contact for the duration of their stay.

Management of Fitness / Ability to Participate:

If we find that a participant is unable to participate in an activity during the trip, or possesses a health and safety risk to other participants during an activity, we reserve the right to exclude the participant from the activity or where possible adapt the activity accordingly.

Accident Protocol :

In the case of an accident during the trip, the following procedure will be followed and managed by the guide in charge of the activity at the time of accident. For accidents occurring in clients’ free time, Undiscovered Mountains emergency will be available to assist in helping the client reach the relevant emergency services.

1. Call emergency services – (112) 

2. Give identity, telephone number, the location of the accident, the condition of the victim and the nature of the accident. 

3. Wait for the emergency services with the victim 

4. Ask the rest of the group to wait at a specific, safe area. 

5. If necessary, cover the injured person 

6. Inform a colleague, if possible, to manage the rest of the group if necessary and/or to manage the victim

7. Emergency first aid can be given by a qualified first aider if required and advised by the emergency services whilst awaiting their arrival 

8. The family, in the case of minors, if not present at accident, is immediately informed and all measures are then taken so that the family's free choice of doctor is respected, once the emergency period of first aid is over 

9. Once the victim has been taken care of by the emergency services and within 48 hours of the accident, the victim, if able, or accompanying member of party, or responsible adult in the case of minors and guide must fill out an accident form.