Ambassador Programme

If it wasn't for you, the people who know us and have experienced our holidays, we would not be where we are today. Over the years it has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure to share our special corners of France with you and from the feedback that you give us it's clear that we are on the right track.

As Undiscovered Mountains develops, we want to spread the word wider and this is where you come in. To show you how much we value your support, we have set up an ambassador programme to turn our appreciation into rewards.

Our Ambassador Programme:

  • Get financial rewards and holiday credits when your friends or family book with us.
  • Pass on discounts to your friends and family when they book with us
  • Exclusive access to special ambassador offers and deals
  • Benefit from being the first to know about our standard special offers
  • Free to sign up
  • No commitment

How it works:

If you have been on a holiday with Undiscovered Mountains you will automatically be allocated an ambassador code. Friends, family or other supporters of Undiscovered Mountains may also request an ambassador code.

Once you have your code, you are officially an ambassador and can start reaping the benefits!

If you tell your friends or family about us and they book a holiday quoting your code, a holiday credit will be applied to your account which you can put towards your next holiday with us or eventually turn into a cash payment.

By quoting your ambassador code, your friends and family will also qualify for a discount on their holiday.

In addition we will be sending out exclusive deals and special offers to all our active ambassadors. Our ambassadors will also be the first to know about any of our regular special offers, last minute deals or other exciting news that we wish to share.

The numbers:

Your holiday credit will be the equivalent of 2% of the total holiday price booked by your friends or family. To give you an example, for an average holiday price of 2500€, you would get a 50€ holiday credit. We'll automatically deduct the accumulated amount from your next holiday booking.

If, after 5 referrals, you choose not to use your credits for a holiday, you will be offered the possibility to claim a proportion of them as a cash payment. Using the above example of 5 referrals worth 2,500€, you would have accumulated 250€ worth of holiday credits which you can claim as a 200€ cash payment.

By using your code, your friends will also benefit from a 3% discount on their holiday. Using the same example, this would be a discount of 75€ on a holiday costing 2500€.

Terms and Conditions:

By participating in the ambassador programme, you agree to accept the following terms and conditions.


To be eligible for the ambassador programme, you must have experienced a holiday with Undiscovered Mountains or be a friend or family of a member of staff working for Undiscovered Mountains.

Discount and Credit Calculations:

The credits due to ambassadors are based on holidays being sold at website retail prices which are calculated to include a standard profit margin. If discounts or special prices have been negotiated in the holiday price, the percentage calculation of credit due will be adjusted on a pro rata basis in accordance with the revised margin. This doesn't apply to the discount earned with the ambassador code.

Accumulated credit is classed as a credit rather than a discount and can be used in conjunction with a separate discount offer.

If, after 5 referrals, or a minimum holiday credit value of 250€ you do not wish to use your credit towards a holiday you can claim 80% of the value as a cash reward, which we will pay directly into your bank account. Once a cash reward has been claimed your holiday credit reverts back to 0.

The discount to friends or family using an ambassador's code is also based on website retail prices or tailor made quotes and is non-accumulable with other discounts.

Responsible referring:

The ambassador programme is aimed at rewarding and encouraging the natural growth in awareness and sales by word of mouth of Undiscovered Mountains.

Trying to get referrals by unethical means such as spamming or trying to sell via third party websites, is not acceptable.

Anyone found to be using unethical, criminal or fraudulent behaviour to win referrals will have their code cancelled and, if a criminal activity is suspected will be reported to the police.

The programme should not be considered as a sales job or as a means of income by an individual. There are official sales positions available if an ambassador is interested in taking it further.