Have you discovered the latest e-biking craze yet?

E-bikes are bikes, whether that be road cycles or full suspension mountain bikes with a battery that gives you an extra power boost as you pedal and they are fantastic! Electric bikes make biking and cycling in the mountains a dream for all levels and so much more fun! You can now go double the distance for half the effort - there are no limits any more - not even in the Alps! Have a read of our blog article about why e-biking is so popular in the Alps

Electric Road Cycling Holidays

Suddenly the steepest Tour de France cols are accessible to novice road cyclists without having to possess enormous lungs or highly trained thigh muscles! You won't even need to break a sweat - well just a small one - you do still need to peddle and the Tour de France cols are big! Ebiking makes easy cycling of the big hardcore road biking cols!

If you like the idea of riding the big Alps cols, then join us on our Ride the Tour de France Cols on an E-bike Electric Road Cycling Trip. Or, if you like the idea of e-biking but want something more tailor made book our customisable e-biking holiday in the Alps

Electric Mountain Biking Holidays

For cross country mountain bikers looking to push the distance you can now take in that extra hill safe in the knowledge that you've got a battery to help you get back if you hit the wall! No cycle path or single track is out of bounds!

For technical bikers, the extra oomph to get you up a tricky technical section no longer has to be found in your legs and missed, you just press the boost and up you go! There are no boundaries with e-biking!

And for the likes of you and me that would just love to explore the Alps on a bike but have always been put off by the sheer 'bigness' of them, e-biking opens the door to a whole new world of exploring! Check out our Alps to Provence electric mountain biking tour.

We are currently building on our electric mountain biking holiday portfolio so if you are keen or want a tailor made trip, get in touch. 

Family E-Biking Holidays

One of the great things about electric bikes is that mixed level groups can go out together and have fun! You can control how much battery power you use so fitter members of the family can even turn it off and pedal as if on a normal bike whilst less fit members turn up the turbo! This means you can all go at the same speed and experience the same tour but at your own fitness level!

Try ebiking as part of an activity holiday in the Alps and mix and match it with other other activities during your stay.