Jobs with Undiscovered Mountains

We have a range of different roles from seasonal client liaison roles to setting up your own Undiscovered Mountains destination using our licensing model

Any specific job or contract opportunities we have available are posted on this page. You can see the specific roles as sub menus in the top navigation bar for more detailed information.

We are also open to ideas to grow our business so if you have an idea or business proposition please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Sales Team UK:

Our sales team are UK based and will often be the person you speak to when enquiring about a holiday. They are passionate and knowledgeable about the areas, accommodation options available and activities and will be able to advise you on choosing the best holiday for your party.

Sales positions are commission based with unlimited earning potential and are perfect for independent, self motivated individuals who thrive on the chase of a sale and enjoy the flexibility of working from home and managing their own time.

Guides and Instructors in our Destinations and Licensed Mountain Ranges:

As part of our responsible travel policy and contribution to the local economy of the mountain ranges where we run the majority of our holidays, we pride ourselves in using local guides and instructors. All of our instructors and guides are fully qualified to their country and European standards and live in the area where we provide the activities.

If you are a guide, instructor or activity provider living in one of the mountain ranges we specialise in and are interested in working with Undiscovered Mountains, please contact We are always interested in discovering new activities and providers!


Destination Management and Office in France:

Undiscovered Mountains director, Sally Guillaume is based in France with head guide for the Southern French Alps, Bernard Guillaume. 

New products, supplier and client liaison for the Southern French Alps are managed from here.

We take on people for the summer and winter season to help with looking after clients and also have staff in our office to help with holiday management, planning and general administration.


We are always looking out for passionate and motivated outdoories who would like to set up Undiscovered Mountains products in new mountain ranges and destinations.

We have two ways of doing this. You can either be a destination manager in your chosen destination or you can set up your own business using our brand and platform to hit the ground running as a licensee. 

A destination manager role is ideal as a stepping stone role before plunging into setting up your own business using our license model. However, if you already have experience or run another tourism based business, an Undiscovered License could be just what you are looking for.