Undiscovered Mountains License Opportunities

Run your Own Undiscovered Mountains Destination!

If you have always dreamed of running your own tourism business, living and working in the mountains you love, then an Undiscovered Mountains License could be just the opportunity you need to get set up and hit the ground running.

Setting up a new business is a daunting task, especially in the global market of international tourism. To set up and run a successful tourism business from scratch requires substantial knowledge in all areas of product management, supplier and contract management, marketing, SEO, website development, law and accounting as well as a hefty sum of finance to get going with no guarantee of success.

By buying into the Undiscovered Mountains brand, using our tried and tested business model and unique online booking platform and optimised website, you can hit the ground running, hugely increasing your chances of success. In fact there is no reason to fail!

The Undiscovered Mountains brand

Our brand is about high customer service, off the beaten track destinations and an authentic travel experience where customers can really  'holiday like a local' and discover new adventures and activities in the mountains.

We are able to offer the attention to detail and specialised local knowledge and experience required for successful holidays because we are based in the destinations we are selling and we are passionate about them!  

We offer a full range of mountain based holidays but our most popular holiday concepts, which are unique on the market, are our fully customisable multi activity holidays.

The Licensing Business Model

Rather than set up new destinations with employees as destination managers, we wanted to harness the passion and knowledge of local people and empower them to sell their destinations using our business model and reap the benefits of tourism in their area themselves. 

Our structure for doing this is to use a licensing model. This is slightly looser than a full blown franchise model and gives you as the licensee more control over what you do. You would set up your own destination management company (DMC) in your country inline with the tourism  rules and regulations of that country and would have a contract with Undiscovered Mountains to use our brand and website to sell your products. There are several reasons for taking this approach, but the main ones are:

  • We believe small companies deliver much better holidays with attention to local detail, local knowledge and experience than large anonymous companies but we understand the difficulties small companies have in competing on a global market. We believe that together we are stronger and believe in the power of collective marketing in a global market. We want to stay small in our destinations but big on the internet!

  • We would like our DMCs to run Undiscovered Mountains holidays inline with our standards and philosophy to maintain and grow the already successful Undiscovered Mountains client loyalty and brand. This requires a greater commitment from DMCs to understand and deliver an Undiscovered Mountains holiday than just being a supplier using our sales platform.

The advantages of using one website for multiple destinations is that the website is optimised for activities and mountain holidays so each new destination benefits from this. As new destinations come on board the site grows, and the bigger it gets the more important it will be to search engines, so it is a win win situation for all parties. We all, as small independent companies benefit from the website of a larger company.

Clients who choose the Alps this year will be looking for new destinations the following year and if they like the style of holiday and customer service, they are likely to book with Undiscovered Mountains again in a new destination so there is a lot of cross fertilisation of clients!

We also have a newsletter and social media, which, in the same way as the website, will also grow with new destinations and become more influential and attract more new clients to the brand. 

Basically together we are stronger!

For more information, please email sally@undiscoveredmountains.com