Mountain Biking Holidays

Mountain biking has exploded in popularity and as a result the good old fashioned mountain bike has evolved into several stand alone mountain bike based sports.

From downhill biking using lift access to cross country mountain biking through the mountains, the variety of possibilities is endless.

Cross Country Mountain Biking Holidays:

The original mountain biking sport was an evolution of the road bike with fatter grippier tyres and a bit of suspension. 

These bikes have now evolved to be light and energy friendly for going up with maximum comfort for going down. For exploring off the beaten track in the mountains this is the ideal type of mountain biking.

We have a number of self-guided mountain biking tours like our Alps to Provence mountain biking trip with the option of going guided too. 

For a short break mountain biking weekend we can also adapt some tours like the Champsaur Valgaudemar tour in the Alps  into 3 or 4 day mountain biking trips.

Alternatively you can choose mountain biking for the odd day as part of any summer activity holiday.

Downhill Mountain Biking:

For people who like the technical thrills of downhill biking without the uphill pedalling effort, downhill biking in ski resorts with lift access is the favoured sport. The bikes are heavy with lots of suspension for a smooth ride down over bumps and obstacles.

Some places also offer bike shuttles up to the top of mountain passes with downhill biking routes away from the busy resorts.

Our downhill biking week in the Alps combines downhill biking in the resort of Orcieres with bike shuttles to mountain passes, offering the best of both worlds.

Pure downhill biking is a technical sport requiring skill and competence on a bike.

Fat Biking:

Fat biking is a recent addition to the mountain biking mix and uses bikes with big fat tyres which are great for stability and shock absorption!

These are great for using on snow or mud and are available all year round. You can try fat biking on a winter activity holiday or a summer activity holiday.


The newest craze is e-biking which are bikes with battery power built into the bike frame to give you a boost for those uphill challenges. This is perfect for getting the downhill thrills away from the resorts without the uphill effort!

Any of our mountain bike tours can be adapted for e-biking so please just ask when you enquire!

Choose from a range of mountain biking holidays or try any of the disciplines as part of a multi activity holiday.

Mountain Biking Holidays