You can now actively support sustainable tourism when on holiday with Undiscovered Mountains by participating in our Eco-Challenge!

At a time where the impact of unsustainable tourism is being felt negatively in many European destinations, the importance of developing and promoting ethical tourism has never been more important.

Our ethos at Undiscovered Mountains is to act responsibly and ethically in the areas we promote tourism and we do everything we can to have a positive impact on our destinations. You can read about how we do this in our responsible travel policy

To be even more pro-active in developing awareness of the importance of responsible and sustainable travel we have launched an Eco Challenge with the TCV the UK's Community Volunteering Charity and will donate 50€ to the charity for every successful challenge completed!

The eco-challenge is to ice climb frozen ice falls, build an igloo and sleep in an igloo in the Southern French Alps. This is all possible over a weekend with just 2 half days off work and by travelling to the destination by train.

We chose these activities for our eco-challenge as one of our sustainable tourism objectives is to promote winter activities outside of ski resorts, to develop a broader tourism economy in the local area outside of downhill skiing. Additionally, the igloo expedition utilises natural resources and survival skills allowing participants to get in touch with nature and truly appreciate the Alpine environment.

The UK Community Volunteering Charity is all about helping  people to get back in touch with nature and supporting communities to help their own local environment and green spaces in the UK, which we think is complimentary to our eco challenge in the Alps.