Destination Managers - New Destinations

This is a stepping stone opportunity to setting up and running your own Undiscovered Mountains destination using our licensing model. If you think you are ready for jumping straight to setting up your own business, have look at our licensing model. If you would rather avoid the responsibility of this and test it out then a destination manager role is for you!

Destination Manager

Period: All Year

Contract Status: Auto Entrepreneur - variable hours. 

€ please ask for details

We are looking for motivated and professional people who are looking for an opportunity to develop tourism products in their mountain range destination.

You will need to be based in the destination to fulfil this role and will work independently with training and input from Undiscovered Mountains head office.

You have a passion for your mountain range and relish the opportunity to show it off to a predominantly anglophone market using your knowledge of the area, creativity and professional judgement.

You take pride in your work and are a natural organiser with a keen eye for detail.

You are a people person and easily able to manage the multiple needs of clients and suppliers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Development and maintenance of holiday products including searching and identifying accommodation and activities.
  • Entering price data, activity and accommodation descriptions on the website.
  • Photographing of accommodation and activities and managment of photo files for website.
  • Development of relationships with suppliers including securing and negotiating contracts. 
  • Assisting suppliers in writing risk assessments 
  • Planning and organisation of itineraries for client holidays
  • Planning and timetabling of guides and suppliers for client holidays
  • Client liaison, welcomes and management.
  • Participating in social media campaigns on a regular basis.
  • Writing useful information pages and other information pages for the website.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • Fluent English and language of destination both spoken and written.
  • Previous experience working in tourism.
  • Advanced computer literacy and competence in word, excel, photoshop or other photo processing software, g-suite and mailchimp. 
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent negotiating skills 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Excellent organisational skills 
  • Full clean diriving license 
  • Initiative and creativity 
  • Professional attitude 
  • Knowledge of the mountain range your will be managing 

For a full job description and application form or further information, please contact