Best Places to Eat in the Southern French Alps

Posted 01-10-2018

There's much more to a great restaurant than just the food it serves. As with many other experiences, a gastronomic one does not only depend on the cuisine but also on the circumstances - the people you're sharing it with, the atmosphere in the restaurant, the waiters' kindness (or lack of it!) and the place itself and its environment. 

At Undiscovered Mountains, both our personal experiences as locals and the constant feedback we get from our clients help us find the greatest places for unique gastronomic experiences. Whichever holiday you're on with us, it doesn't matter whether you're looking for a romantic dinner, a place that's perfect for families, or the best value for money restaurant in the area: we'll always be able to give you the best tips! 

The three places we're going to tell you about in this article combine delicious food using as much local produce as possible, dedicated 'foodie' owners, and a unique environment. Each of them is also a clear proof that mountain food is far from being just meat and potatoes ...


Claude and Colette, the couple who own this venerable hotel/restaurant in the Valgaudemar Valley, don't care too much for global travel websites (though the reviews written about their establishment are all laudatory!). Let's face it, they don't really need to! Their reputation of excellence is the fruit of a constant professionalism, a passion for their area's history and culinary traditions, and a true love for everything that makes food good for you: ancient kinds of vegetable grown locally, mountain trout farmed metres away from their hotel in the pristine waters of the local stream, meals based on the seasonal harvest, etc. 

What all well established and self proclaimed "good restaurants" are craving for and proudly promote on their menus nowadays, the Val des Sources has been doing it for decades (since 1965, to be precise!) discreetly, far away from all trends, and with true conviction.

With menus ranging from 22 to 38€ (beverages not included), you will realise at the end of your meal that you've just had one of the best value for money gastronomical experiences you could ever dream of. 

Indeed, a meal at the Val des Sources is as educational as it is delightful. Claude has a unique knowledge of the local culinary traditions and is always happy to share it with his customers. And a meal can quickly turn into a fascinating saga if he starts telling you - when bringing a good "génépi" digestive at the end of your meal - about, say, the long history of mountaineering in the awe inspiring Valgaudemar Valley, nicknamed the "Little Himalayas"!

All in all, a dinner (or lunch!) at the Val des Sources truly is one of a kind, and we can't recommend it highly enough! The Val des Sources (logically) features in our popular Gourmet Alpine Walking Holiday!


Seen from outside, this unique restaurant looks like somebody's house. That's probably because it is somebody's house. It is run by two sisters who live in the Auberge! The Auberge du Moulin is nothing but an ode to local and slow food. The whole setting (an old farmhouse, a big tree in front of it casting a nice shade over a few tables, the vegetable garden a few meters away, the hen house a bit further) may remind you of your grandmother's house if you were lucky to grow up in the countryside. 

If you're there for lunch in the summer, you'll be able to sit outside; if you're having dinner, you'll be able to drink a home made apéritif under the big tree and will then enter the dining room. There, the deco is both rustic and feminine, and the tables are few (it really is necessary to book if you want to have a meal at the Auberge du Moulin). The two sisters work on a new set menu every day, depending on their inspiration and on whatever is available at this time of year - all you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your plates to be served! 

The first course (fresh salads, vegetable of the season) is always a delight, and the main course is always poultry (remember that hen house?). But poultry by and large allows a huge range of succulent culinary combinations - don't go there if you expect chicken nuggets! As for dessert, it is the only item you can choose from a wide selection, and whatever you choose, it is always a divine conclusion! The wine list offers both classic French wine and regional production, and the waitress is of great advice on how to best pair it with the meal of the day.

The set menu (beverages not included) costs 29€ - a price you'll undoubtedly consider very good when you'll come out of a meal at the Auberge du Moulin. Indeed, everything there, from the warm welcome of the two owners to the beautiful and peaceful environment, makes the gastronomic experience both uniquely authentic and authentically unique!


At the very end of the road, nested at the foot of a spectacular mountainous environment, stands the picturesque village of Prapic. It is so remote that the old locals, when they refer to someone from Prapic, say "(s)he came out of Prapic", rather than "(s)he was born in Prapic"! The whole area is really stunning, and is one of the best places in the Champsaur Valley to spot the iconic animal of the region, the lovely marmot! 

The Auberge Prapicoise, right at the entrance of the village, is an old local institution and a great place to discoverer - or rediscover - some delicious specialties of this part of the Alps. Rest assured, it does not serve any marmot meat - though some people do eat it! The Auberge is one of these places where you get the best of both worlds: quantity and quality! Don't expect any type of food that's not either a local specialty or that comes from dozens of miles away. 

The chef is very talented at turning traditional hearty mountain food into elegant and refined cuisine, from first course to dessert. And usually offers a glass of the local "génépi" liquor at the end of it all! And if you haven't tried the Champsaur Valley's most famous specialty (the iconic "Tourton"), the Auberge is probably the best place to have it.

Whether you eat in the cosy dining room on a cold November evening or out on the lovely terrace when the sun shines high in the summer sky, a meal at the Auberge is always a good time and a true alpine gastronomic experience. And because the surroundings are so awe inspiring, we highly recommend you combine a lunch there with a walk on one of the many paths that leaves from Prapic, either in the morning (always a preferable solution: better temperatures, less tourists, more animals!) or in the afternoon as a digestive stroll!

Prices vary from 15 to 29€ for a 3 course menu, which makes it one of the best value for money restaurants in the area. And between the meals themselves and the mountains around you, probably the most instagramable one!


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