What is Caving?

Caving is the exploration of a secret underground world of caverns and caves using ropes, ladders and sometimes even boats to get around!

Most caving takes place in mountains made up of carbonate and sulfate rocks like limestone, dolomite, marble and gypsum. The chemistry of these rocks is such that they dissolve slowly in water. When it rains the water seeps into the cracks and dents in these rocks, gently dissolving it away. Tunnels, irregular passages and large caverns  form as the water makes its way through joints and bedding planes in the rock.

The solution of dissolved rock in the water can then reform as stalactites and stalagmites as it drips and lands in new places, making the underground a unique and almost alien feeling spectacle !

Caving Holidays

We currently include caving as an activity that you can choose as part of a multi activity holiday. With these holidays you have activity points included in your package that you can then exchange for a wide range of activities including caving. Different holidays will propose different caving experiences that are geographically close to the holiday base or inline with the skill and fitness level of the holiday.

Have a look at our summer multi activity holidays which is great for families with teenagers, couples and small groups of adults. 

If you want to travel in Autumn, then have a look at our autumn multi activity holiday. This is great for adventurous couples, groups of friends or outdoor families with teenagers for October half term. 

We can also tailor make a caving based holiday either with or without other activities so please do get in touch and we can plan a trip for you.