E-Bike the Alps

Holiday Overview

A fully flexible tailor made E-biking holiday! Discover the secrets of the Alps on an E-bike and try out a range of other activities for a week of fun and adventure in the mountain sun!

There are so many amazing cycle rides to do in the Southern French Alps, that you will be spoilt for choice. Exploring this magnificent area on an E-bike gives you the flexibility to go further and see more for the same amount of effort as you would on a road bike. For non-cyclists it opens up a whole new world to discover on two wheels - the Alps are now accessible to all!

Because of the huge variety of rides possible and the different levels of cyclists we tailor make your itinerary to suit you.

For mixed ability groups, E-biking is great as it is up to you how much extra boost you give yourself so you can all go at the same speed but with different amounts of effort! If there are really fit cyclists in your group, we can even replace their E-bike with a classic road bike! However, beware, an e-bike will go up steep hills at about 20km/h whilst even the fittest road bikers will be at 7 - 8km per hour - unless you are a Tour de France cyclist of course!! Roadies may be better off sticking with an e-bike but putting the assistance down to eco whilst the other e-bikers go to turbo so everyone get's their work out and can go up at similar speeds!

We include 3 vehicle supported rides with this trip where we accompany you on the ride with the minibus so you can keep your spare clothing, snacks and repair kit in the vehicle and ride light weight.

As the area has so much to offer we have also included 5 activity points with this trip which you can exchange for a range of activities. After a morning's ride, jump into clear pools of pristine alpine water, canyoning and cool off your hard worked legs. Or test your head for heights on a via ferrata and give your muscles a good stretch! There's plenty to choose from, from paragliding to going on a nature walk so you can be adventurous as you like!

If you would like to join a group e-biking trip on fixed departure dates, then have a look at the "King and Queen of the Mountains - no sweat", e-biking trip which takes in four major Tour de France cols and a time trial. This is also a great itinerary to use for ideas for this tailor made trip!



This is a fully tailor made itinerary for you. When you book, we will have a chat about the sort of rides you want to do and discuss all the possibilities so we can organise the three best vehicle supported rides to suit you.

E-biking is perfectly adapted to hill climbing as the big advantage of the battery power is for uphill sections. They are also very comfortable bikes for going downhill. As such, we would recommend trying some of the big Tour de France cols in the region like the col du Noyer or Col D'izoard or you could even tackle the toughest climb in France, the Mont Colombis, for your vehicle supported rides. As you have the minibus with you there is no danger of hitting the wall and being stuck in the middle of no-where so you can really go for a challenge! Whatever your wishes, we'll help you choose the best options.

For your activity points, you just need to have a look at the list and choose what you want to do. We will then arrange these around your e-biking rides so they work in with your itinerary logistically. So whether you want to cool off your legs hydrospeeding on the Durance after the Col D'izoard or go for a via ferrata to challenge your head for heights on your day off, we'll help you choose what will work best!

You will also have some free time to do sightseeing or do your own self guided e-bike rides. Our local experts will give you tips and advice on what to see and do around your organised activities so you can make the most of the area.

Activities You Can Do With Your Points


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As this is a flexible itinerary where you will have some free time to do your own self guided rides and also try out other activities or go sightseeing around the 3 vehicle supported rides, we highly recommend you self drive for this trip.

We can price up a transport included trip once we know your complete itinerary though, so please do ask if you are interested in this option.

To get here, the nearest train station is Gap, which has rail links from Paris via an overnight sleeper and links to the main TGV station: Grenoble, Aix-en-Provence and Lyon.

The nearest airports are Marseille (2 - 21/2 hrs), which has a regular shuttle directly from the airport to Gap every 2 hours, Lyon (3 hrs), Grenoble (2-21/2 hrs) and then Nice (4 hrs) and Geneva (4 hrs).

It is easy to hire a car from any of the airports, TGV stations or Gap.

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