Where the awe inspiring Southern French Alps give birth to cascading torrents of fresh and pristine water, fishing is without a doubt one of the most natural activities you can do. Everything around you is about fresh air, clear water and breathtaking natural beauty.

We offer an evening fishing session that usually starts around 6pm and lasts until dusk, when nature around you is magnified by the evening colours.

When the trout bites the fly

Whether you are a fishing expert or an absolute beginner, our instructor will teach you a beautiful fishing technique which has been perfected over the centuries by local fishermen: fly fishing.

For fishing, the guide takes a maximum of 2 people to ensure a high quality experience. It is possible to pay an extra supplement to have a one-on-one fishing session.

Late spring and early summer months are the best for trout fishing, when the streams tend to carry a good flow of water. Water can still be relatively cold (8 to 10 degrees) but trout will come to the bait as long as the river runs clear.

No kill, more fun

Enjoying the surrounding nature and trying to spot the local fauna while waiting for the fish to bite will keep you thrilled and busy no matter how many trout actually show interest!

We aim at keeping our fishing activity as sustainable as possible and thus operate on a 'no kill' policy, which means you'll have to let the trout go when you catch it.