Fly fishing is one of the most popular fishing sports in the mountains and it's easy to understand why.

Whether you are fishing in small mountain streams or large valley rivers the challenge and rewards are endless. Fly fishing is used for catching trout, one of the most common fish to be found in mountain streams and rivers.

Here are a few tips to help guarantee a successful catch.


Trout are sensitive creatures and so your hunting mentality needs to start well before you reach the bank with a high degree of stealth! Trout will sense ground vibrations, moving shadows and the sounds of breaking branches as you approach and go into hiding.

When fishing for trout that are easily spooked, it is best to fish well back from the bank edge. If you need to enter the steam or river the do so slowly and gradually.

Cast Upstream:

When fish are holding a position for feeding for example, they're facing the current and so are looking upstream. That means that all the fish upstream from you are looking upstream and therefore won't see you but all the fish downstream from you are much more likely to see you! However be careful not to 'line' the fish which is when you cast your line over the fish as this will spook it.

There are hundreds of other tips and our fishing guides will help you learn the basics and the more subtle and refined techniques for a successful fishing experience.

Fishing Holidays:

You can try fishing as a part of any of our summer multi activity holidays. Choose from an evening fly fishing experience or go for a full day hike up to a high altitude lake for a rare fishing experience!