Honeymoon Adventures in the Alps

Posted 08-06-2011 by Sally Guillaume

Is it adventure, adrenalin, intense bonding experiences...or just the romance of being in the Alps together?

Over the last few years we have seen more and more newly weds choosing to honeymoon with Undiscovered Mountains. It seems the traditional romantic retreat to an exotic beach doesn't quite cut it for everyone!

We've had Brendan and Orla ice climbing, snowshoeing and building igloos, Jane and Douglas and Philippe and Maryanna summiting the famous Undiscovered Mountains 'Love Mountain', Les Rouies 3589m - famous as it is where Bernard and I (Undiscovered Mountains head guide and director) fell in love!

We have had Chris and Rowena testing out their head for heights on the advanced Via Ferrata, horse riding and white water rafting and next week, Phil and Catherine will be paragliding, mountain biking, tree climbing and horse riding!

Love is all about sharing experiences and happy moments together and creating memories that will bond you for life. Maybe having an adventure together is a sure way to enhance your already heightened emotions!

Imagine the sensation of sitting on top of the mountain with your loved one in a state of slight altitude high with pheromones pumping and spectacular views spread out in front of you, or the romance of riding off together into unchartered alpine territory on horseback.

It is true that when you push yourself to your physical limit, experience that surge of adrenalin as you overcome your fear of heights, laugh hysterically as you bounce down white water rapids.... you are discovering and sharing raw, intimate emotions. All the material you need for an intense bonding experience and life long memories to share together!

Or is it the possibility of a romantic spa with a glass of champagne, a relaxing massage and gourmet french cuisine that is all the more appreciated after a day in the mountains, that attracts our newly weds??

Where did you go for your honeymoon? What makes the perfect honeymoon? We'd love to have your thoughts!


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Jayne the misses Farleigh

'Wow we (Jayne and Doug) who scaled love mountain, had such an amazing time with undiscovered alps! I admit i was worried about sending money via the internet and had no idea that i was constantly getting e mails from the owner (Sally) who was so helpful! Its nice that it is someone who owns the business your in contact with because she really cares about whats happening with your holiday and could not do enough for us. The guides were also very friendly, helpful and characterful!! The French alps are truly breathtaking and climbing Les Rouies was the highlight of our holiday, a real adventure that we will never stop talking about. We wanted to have this type of holiday for our honeymoon because we both love walking and appreciate the outdoors. Doug has travelled extensively and loves the mountains, i am still learning, but i seem to have been better equipped this time as it was him that got soaked through on one of our walks not me! ...we also planned try anofor another baby, and really wanted to do a few crazy things before we became more tied down for a while! So we tried Via ferrata, white water rafting, Kayaking, horse riding and the glacier walk, which was actually more for Doug but i am so glad we did it! As well as our activities there are plenty of Lakes around to swim in if you just fancy a casual day, and the surrounding towns/villages were interesting and pretty. We would definately reccomend this company and would holiday with them again! Jayne

Maryanna Tremaine

We would recommend Undiscovered Alps to any couple who are looking for adventure but want to survive it to spend the rest of their lives together. Great thanks to our guide Bernard who got us safely up and down the glacier. Also, I know I definately made the right choice in marrying Philippe, what a guy! We will also remember for the rest of our life the exciting night we spent in the refuge. Thanks once again Sally, great organisation , we'll be back for more. Maryanna and Philippe


Thank you! I think the night in the refuge is also firmly imprinted in my memory bank!!


Thank you Jayne. Next time we see you will probably be in about 5 years time for a family summer activity holiday with your two gorgeous children. :)


I'm not easily imprsesed. . . but that's impressing me! :)

Howard Grauberger

Enjoyed reading this, very good stuff, thanks .

Dino Colas

Wow, I was having a really bad day today, and when I read this post and everyone’s comments, it made me laugh out loud several times over. Thanks :).

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