Husky dogs are well known for their endurance, adaptability to severe cold and ability to work together in a team. They have been used for centuries in the cold arctic conditions of all the Scandinavian countries, Siberia, Canada and Alaska as a means of transportation. Husky sledding is a large part of the culture in all these areas and dog sledding races and events are common throughout. 

The topography in large parts of the Norwegian mountains is perfectly suited to dog sledding with medium sized mountains, hills and undulating countryside with large snowfields and plateaux.

To experience dog sledding in a country where it forms such a large part of the local culture is a privilege and will give you a unique insight into the world of husky dog sledding!

You can try husky sledding as part of our Cross Country Ski Holiday in Norway on your free day. We are also investigating husky dog safaris for longer adventures and will keep you updated as we create these!