Igloo Building in the Alps

Anywhere with large amounts of snow is good for igloo building, and the Southern French Alps certainly has plenty of the white stuff !

For the igloo building activity in the Alps, you will go for a short snowshoeing walk to find a good spot to build your igloo. Your guide will give you tips on the best building method depending on the snow conditions at the time and will help you design a sturdy and safe igloo.

In the Alps, the most common igloo building technique is to build a mound of snow, let it harden and then dig out your igloo. 

Have a look at our blog article on tips and advice on how to build an igloo.

Once you have got a basic plan and structure sorted, your creativity is your only boundary! As soon as you are happy with your igloo, you can relax inside with a hot tea and snack and enjoy your master construction !