What is Indoor Skydiving?

Traditional skydiving involves jumping out of an aeroplane, freefalling several metres and then opening a parachute to slow down enough for a safe landing. It is a skilled sport with risk and is susceptible to weather conditions as well as being expensive!

Indoor skydiving is a relatively new sport that has taken off in the last few years with the evolution of wind-tunnel technology. Vertical wind tunnels use highly powerful fans to generate uplift in a vertical tunnel. The force of the wind is strong enough to carry humans and simulate the freefall experience of skydiving.

This allows both beginner skydivers and professionals to fine tune their skydiving skills and practice moves and formations in a safe, consistent and intensive environment before testing them out for real.

People with no desire to jump out of a plane can experience what it is like to free-fall without actually having to do it! Perfect! 

The Windtunnel in the Southern French Alps

The windtunnel we use for this experience on our summer activity holidays and winter activity holidays is unique in Europe with a 360 degree panoramic view through the glass panelled vertical tunnel -  a true eye opening experience! It is also one of the larger wind tunnels in existence at 8m high and 4.3m wide. 

The powerful fans can generate wind speeds of 300km per hour  - have you ever felt that g-force before?!

It is situated at the world famous aerodrome of Tallard where skydivers and other air sports enthusiasts congregate throughout the year to practise their sports. It is well known for it's excellent parachuting friendly microclimate and clear skies. So, if, after testing the indoor skydiving out, you fancy a go at the real thing you are in the perfect place!

What to Expect

For a first flight, you will need to arrive about an hour before your scheduled flight times. You will be asked to sign a disclaimer (see info on rules) to make sure you are safe to fly and then you will be kitted out in a skydiving suit and helmet and given a safety briefing. There are lockers to leave all your personal belongings. You can't take anything into the windtunnel area for safety reasons.

You will be in a group of up to 14 people when you enter the windtunnel area for your flying slot and each of you will take it in turns to fly. The actual flight time is 1 minute and you will be one on one with a qualified instructor. For a first experience we include two flights. The first one is to get over the sensory overload of floating in mid air and the second one is to try and master a stable position and float unaided by yourself with a bit of control! It is possible to buy more if you want to master your skydiving skills more expertly!

If you have friends not participating they can watch and film or photograph you from the cafe area as the wind tunnel is glass walled and visible from there. However all the flights are filmed so you will have the opportunity to buy video and photos of your experience!