Jumping out of a plane and real skydiving is not for the faint hearted but what if you could get the sensation of freefall without having to jump out of a plane?!! Well now you can!

Windtunnel technology has evolved to create commercially viable vertical wind tunnels which simulate the freefall experience. Enormous fans blow air up into the tunnel with enough force to carry a human so that you are in effect floating on a big cushion of air similar to the experience of real freefall. The force is controlled from a cockpit and can be adjusted to simulate different conditions and for different levels of experience and weight. 

This is still relatively new technology so you won't find a wind tunnel in every town but there are more and more popping up all over the world. The first European wind tunnel was set up in France which has an established sport tradition of sky diving.

Windtunnels give learner and professional skydivers a consistent, intensive and easily accessible way to hone their skydiving skills without the expense and time constraints of real skydiving.

Most indoor skydiving companies offer taster flights with different packages depending on how many flights you do through to more intensive learn to fly courses progressing to real skydiving.

Thanks to indoor skydiving and the evolution of vertical wind tunnels we can expect to see the sport of sky diving evolving exponentially!

With Undiscovered Mountains you can try indoor sky diving all year round as part of a summer activity holiday or winter activity holiday in the Southern French Alps.