Mountain Biking Kit List


If we are providing mountain bikes for you then cycling helmets will come with it, but if you have your own you may want to bring it for your own comfort.

The time of year you are coming on holiday will also determine what you need. It can get quite hot in the height of summer (30-35oC). If the mistral wind arrives temperatures can drop quite considerably (15 - 20oC). May - June and September - October can see much lower temperatures and even snow (which is rare), as well as hot sunny days so you need to be prepared for everything!

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you are going to be cycling in the moutains and the temperature drops 1 degree every 100 metres you climb.


  • 2 or 3 pairs of sports socks (not cotton) - warmer ones for spring and autumn
  • Trainers or cycling shoes - if you are using spd pedals make sure you bring your own cycling shoes. The bikes we provide come with flat pedals
  • Waterproof jacket - breathable waterproof materials like goretex are much more comfortable than non-breathable materials which can end up being just as wet inside due to your sweat not escaping!
  • At least three layers - thin thermal layer or t-shirt made of wicking material rather than cotton next to the skin, a mid weight fleece and a thicker fleece.
  • Extra fleece or sweater to put on during a stop.
  • A thin top for when it gets hot cycling. If you burn easily wear a t-shirt rather than a vest as the sun is stronger at altitude - (again not cotton - sports tops work well)
  • Cycling shorts or tights for spring and autumn
  • Cycling gloves - warmer ones for spring and autumn.
  • Rucksack to carry spare sweater, waterproofs, packed lunch, water bottle, and other bits and pieces.
  • Good sized water flask or a plastic water bottle. A Platypus or similar water system is also very handy.
  • Sun screen - even in winter
  • Lip salve with sunscreen - even in winter
  • Sun glasses suitable for cycling - interchangeable lenses are good if you have them.
  • Sun hat or cap in summer if you use one.
  • Towel if staying in a youth hostel or refuge.
  • Large plastic bag to put inside your rucksack to keep the contents completely dry. No rucksack is waterproof (too many seams!) Other useful things


  • Camera, spare film or memory card and batteries.
  • Tool kit our guides will have one, but if you are going it alone then you will need to bring your own. The hire bikes will come with a basic kit.
  • Binoculars

  • A small sit mat or bit of old camping mat - not essential but good for a bit of comfort when snacking in the mountains!
  • Swim suit - please note that boxer short style swimming trunks are not allowed in French pools.