Mountain Ranges

“Mountains are the beginning and the end of all natural scenery”, said the British poet John Ruskin.

And they are indeed! Everywhere on the planet, from the Andes to the Rockies and from the Himalayas to the Alps mountain range, mountains have always inspired us humans with their beauty and their majesty. From the Kilimanjaro to the Mount Fuji, the impressive natural forces at work can only inspire respect and admiration, and mountains all over the world are spiritual and sacred sites for all civilizations.

Beautiful, majestic, sacred – we at Undiscovered Mountains could not agree more! We love mountains, always have, and always will! And that’s why we are specializing in mountain holidays, because we think that they represent an infinite playground with endless possibilities for all of us. This applies in the Southern French Alps where our company was founded, and this will apply similarly in all the other mountainous areas of the world where we aim at replicating our concept.

One of the many great things about the mountains ? They do not discriminate : the adventurous ones will embark on a rafting and go down roaring rapids or climb awe inspiring cliffs; the spiritual ones will go for an early morning walk on the silent paths and meditate about the meaning of life amidst flowers and butterflies; the daydreaming ones will lie down by the pristine waters of a mountain lake and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere – there is something for each and everyone of us in the mountains!

After more than ten years of business in the Southern French Alps, on of our favourite mountain ranges in France, we know what our clients like, and we know what they expect from a mountain holiday. Our goal at Undiscovered Mountains is to look for these hidden - well, undiscovered - gems in mountain areas where our clients can easily find all these sources of satisfaction, without the hassle of the posh winter resorts or - worse - the loud crowds of the seaside resorts! These gems do exist, in the French Pyrenees, in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, in the Italian Dolomites, in the Slovakian Tatras, in the Swedish Scandes or in the Croatian Dinarides.

Further away still, we'll find many paradise like places in the US and Canadian Rockies, in the South American Andes, in the Russian Urals and in the Tibetan Himalayas. In as many of these places as possible, we'll aim at creating a win-win type of business such as the one we operate in the Southern French Alps today : we work with local guides and instructors only, we pay them well, we promote everything local, we stay away from all the major actors of tourism and are deeply convinced that what more and more travelers are looking for has to do with a high level of customer care, sustainability, local food and products, meeting the locals and discovering the culture and the traditions of the area.

We are a small sized, family-owned business and we aim at keeping it this way in any mountain range we'll expand to over the next years. This is what people like about us, and we do want to keep these values alive, to keep making the mountains an unforgettable experience for all !