The Southern French Alps and the Ecrins National Park are well known amongst mountaineers and alpinists for their dramatic peaks.

The mountaineering elite have frequented the area since the beginning of the 19th century putting up routes to many of the seemingly inaccessible summits. It was Coolidge, one of the great figures of the silver age of alpinism, for example, who first climbed the Sirac peak in 1879 and reported that it was one of the most impressive mountains he had experienced.

The most famous mountains are La Meije, L'Ailefroide, and of course the Barre des Ecrins and its 4102m of altitude, but there are lots of lesser known peaks and summits that are well worth a visit especially if you like the idea of having them all to yourself!

There are, in short, loads of possibilities and enough variety to please everyone from budding mountaineers to seasoned mountain goats!


The hazards of the high mountain environment are very real with potential avalanches, rock fall, crevasses, cold and severe weather - to name just a few!

A thorough knowledge of mountaineering safety techniques, an understanding of the the behaviour of snow, rock and glaciers and experience of the mountains are vital for safe mountaineering.

It is not recommended to go into the high mountains without a high mountain guide unless you are a competent alpinist or mountaineer. Going with a guide doesn't exempt you from the dangers of the mountains, but their experience, technical skills and knowledge are a significant advantage even for experienced mountaineers.

All our guides are fully qualified and experienced UIAGM high mountain guides from the area. They will make your safety their priority as well as making sure you make the most of the area and fully enjoy the mountains.