Paragliding Kit List


We organise our different paragliding activities and paragliding courses in the heart of the Southern French Alps. Here is a kit list of the main items you'll need to pack when you join us in the Alps for paragliding!

Bear in mind that even though the flight in itself only lasts from 10 (taster flight) to 30 minutes (sporty flight), the whole activity will take about 2 hours from the time you meet your instructors to the end of the activity. And 2 hours is plenty of time to get cold at this altitude! 


  • Warm Layers and a Wind Proof. Don't forget you're up in the mountains! Even on a hot summer day, temperatures will be cooler as soon as you take off and leave the ground, so it is always worth bringing a couple of fleeces or jumpers as well as a wind proof top. 
  • A Buff - for the same reasons!
  • Long Trousers. Shorts are definitely not recommended for this activity. 
  • Gloves. They're a must if you're paragliding in the winter - but you may well need them if you're here in May, June, or in the fall! 
  • 30 / 50 Sun Screen. You may be used to wear factor 15 sun screen in the UK, but here in the mountains a 30 or even 50 is highly recommended. Don't forget you're much closer to the sun when up at this altitude!
  • Sun Glasses. If you really want to admire these amazing views from up in the air, don't forget to protect your eyes from the strong, shining alpine sun!
  • A good pair of shoes. You need good shoes you can comfortably run with for take off, and with a good ankle support for the landing. Flip flops and high heels won't do!


  • A rucksack for the day in which you'll be able to store water, extra layers and a few snacks. You won't be flying with it, but you can leave it in the instructors' minibus. 
  • Your Go-Pro. If you'd like to film your first paragliding flight, a Go-Pro is probably the safest and most convenient way, and the helmets provided by our instructors are equipped with mounts.