In the Southern French Alps, the snake sled is possible in a few different ski resorts including our key resort: Orcières 1850.

The snake sledge is a thrilling experience and consists of several sledge segments, one for each person, that slot together to make one big slithery snake sledge that moves together down the pistes.

It goes pretty fast and those pistes are a lot longer than your standard sliding hill, so be warned: this is a big adrenalin buzz!

The snake sledge descends at the end of the day once skiers have left the piste, making the experience even more special as you'll feel like you own the whole resort!

There are two descent possibilities, a gentle but fun one from half way up (minimum age 4) and a more sporty descent all the way from the top (minimum age 12).

For certain descents during the week, there is an "apéritif stop" half way down. You will need a valid ski pass to get to the top of the lifts to join the snake sled. You can bring your own ski helmet or choose to add a helmet when you book your activity.