A roller coaster ride down the ski pistes in a collective snake sledge. Each person sits on a segment of the sledge which all joins together to make one big snake. Each segment is joined with an articulating joint which allows the snake to turn and bend to make the most of turns and hairpins during the descent. Once it is all attached, it behaves as one big sledge rather than several individual sledges.

When you sit in the sledge, your feet are in front of you inside the sled and you just need to sit, hold on and enjoy the ride. It is controlled and piloted exclusively by an instructor. He will give you instructions on how to lean and make the most of the ride!

The instructor can make the experience a gentle ride down the pistes as easily as he can make it a thrilling, dare devil's adrenalin adventure. In general for a more gentle ride, the front of the sledge is recommended and children are often positioned here. For a higher adrenalin experience, the back of the sledge is best as the turns and hairpins get bigger!

The snake sledge exists in several resorts throughout the Alps and other mountain ranges. At Undiscovered Mountains our snake sledge is in Orcieres in the Southern French Alps.