NEW for 2018/19 season!

What is Snowkiting?

Snowkiting is an evolution of kitesurfing (itself a marriage of paragliding and surfing) onto snow using skis or snowboard instead of surf boards!

Snowkiting is reasonably easy to master and most people manage enough of the basics after a couple of lessons to be able to have some real fun! As you slide a lot more easily on snow than on water, you need less wind and generally less effort to achieve the same sensations, though it is quite physical at first!

You can snowkite using either skis or a snowboard so whichever you are most comfortable on  is the one to choose. Advanced snowkiters usually prefer to use a board, as there is more flexibility in the movements and jumps you can do, but doing it with skis on is great fun too.

How to Snowkite:

Learning how to keep your kite in the air while moving on your skis or snowboard is the first step. Once you master the basic techniques, the learning process is quite fast and accessible to everyone, expert skier or not. As a next step towards even more fun, you can progress onto moguls and ramps to help you gain more air. You’ll quickly be doing spectacular jumps and flips you had no idea you were capable of!

If you’ve never tried snowkiting before, we recommend you take a taster lesson, which is usually 1 to 1,5 hours. This short taster will be enough to know if you want more! Individual or group lessons of 1 to 3 sessions of 2,5 hours are the next step to become an expert and start whizzing over the snowy plateaux and slopes of the Southern French Alps!

Where to Snowkite in the Alps:

As snowkiting can be practised on all types of snow, it is a highly flexible sport that can be done in many locations, with large plateaux being the preferred topography! The Southern French Alps is the perfect environment for snowkiting with many plains and plateaux at various different altitudes!

There are the large valley plateaux of Ancelle and the Puy de Manse, or you can take a ski lift up to the higher altitude alpine plateaux. Wherever you go to set your kite in motion, you will enjoy great speed and stunning jumps amidst fantastic alpine landscapes. Sensations guaranteed!