Stand Up Paddle in the Alps

It's not the activity you first think of when coming to the Alps, but Stand Up Paddle is a hugely popular sport in the Southern French Alps, thanks in particular to the wonderful waters of the Serre-Ponçon lake, which are both perfect Stand Up Paddle spots amidst breath-taking mountain environment!

Stand Up Paddle, or "SUP" at it is commonly known, is a great way to explore the hidden beaches for picnics and sunbathing (many of which are only accessible from the water!), and an ideal combination with other fun water sports or lakeside activities.

The water is very clear and calm around the banks of the two lakes. Falling or diving in is refreshing, but you are warmed up quickly thanks to the strong sun. You must put on plenty of sunscreen or wear a t-shirt and a hat.

You can choose to simply rent the equipment without any instruction or join a group lesson.

If you prefer, you can also join our friendly Serre-Ponçon instructors on a 3 to 4 hours sunset expedition which you can finish off with a BBQ dinner with the rest of the group. An unforgettable adventure on one of the largest lakes in Europe!