Trail Running Kits


This isn't an exhaustive list and you will probably have your own favourite running kit you will want to bring. The main thing to consider is weather. In summer it is generally hot here and much hotter than the UK so light coloured clothing is essential to reflect away the heat. In the autumn, it can still be swelteringly hot on a sunny day but the air is cooler so any wind or stormy weather can dramatically change the temperature and winter running kit is almost required.

If you are entering any of the trail running events, refrehments are provided at various points throughout the race and will provide bab=nanas, cake, dried fruits and a selection of drinks including water, cordials and fizzy drinks. However, it is still worth being reasonably self sufficient during a race and bring your own bars and fluids.

  • Trail running trainers – It’s important to have specific trail shoes that are suitable for uneven terrain, that protect you from rocks and have enough traction to deal tricky tracks and prevent you from slipping. Your fell running shoes won’t give you enough protection from rocks and your road runners won’t have enough grip. Salamon are a good trail running shoe make and Asics also do some decent ones.
  • Trail running socks. Socks are a personal preference but for ling distance races the knee length support socks are very popular.
  • Light coloured running tops – It can get very hot here in the summer months and even in Autumn it can be very warm so pack light! You should bring a light coloured running vest (as you will melt in black) or a light top in a wicking material. A selection of vests, t-shirts and long sleeved running tops to choose from is a good idea.
  • Windproof top - The weather can change quickly in the mountains and wind can dramatically lower the ambient temperature so a light windproof top is needed.
  • Cap - a cap is perfect for keeping your face out of the sun. Lightweight running caps are best to stop getting too sweaty.
  • Running shorts or leggings it is best to bring a selection of different length leggings to adapt to all weathers. In summer it is generally hot but in Autumn the weather can change from sweltering hot to bitterly cold, especially high up.
  • Lightweight poles – Poles are invaluable for fast uphill walking as you use them for support and propulsion. They are also very useful in the descents helping you to balance and allowing you to concentrate on finding the best path down the mountain. The ascents (and descents) here are long so the poles help you go that little bit faster and take the strain off your legs and joints.
  • Wrist band – If you sweat a lot you should bring a towelling wrist band to wipe your face during running.
  • Small rucksack or water carrier – A small rucksack with a platypus in is essential. The type of bag that sits high on your shoulders without a waist strap but good chest fastening so it doesn’t move up and down when you run, is perfect. You can also find a water holder that fastens around your waist, a bit like a bum bag. Either way, you need water, and lots of it!
  • Energy bars or gels – In races there are refreshment stops on route but it is best to be self-sufficient with your own energy bars or gels.
  • Sun screen – if you usually use factor 15 in the UK bring factor 30 for here and factor 50 for your face and neck. The sun is a lot stronger and lip salve with sunscreen is advised.
  • Sun glasses
  • Head torch if you are entering an event with a very early start time, you may need a head torch for the first hour in the dark.