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Useful Information for your Holiday

When you are visiting a new area or even going back to somewhere you haven't been in a while, there are lots of unknowns. We think there is nothing worse than going on holiday and discovering on the last day everything you should have done and seen! It doesn't matter if you're spending a few days or a couple of weeks with Undiscovered Mountains, we aim at making you feel like you are making the most of your holiday in our mountains!

Our 15 year local expertise and continual client feedback along the years means that we are able to recommend the best restaurants, sightseeing opportunities, things to do and see locally, markets and events in both summer and winter. We are proud of the many treasures of our beautiful and preserved regions and will be happy to share them with you to help you live a truly unique and genuine alpine experience. 

Click on the button that corresponds to your area and season to discover the best restaurants, sightseeing opportunities, walks and more!

Summer in Southern French Alps  

Winter in Southern French Alps