Via Ferrata Kit List


Via ferrata harnesses and helmets and all safety equipment are included for our via ferrata trips. You just need to bring your own personal clothing. This is a guide for your personal clothing and other useful items to help you pack for your via ferrata holiday

The time of year you are coming on holiday will also determine what you need. In the height of summer it can get very hot (early 30s) and can also, if the mistral wind arrives, cool down quite significantly (15 - 20 degrees). May, June and September, October can see much lower temperatures and even snow, though this is rare, as well as hot sunny days so you need to be prepared for everything!

  • Approach shoes or walking trainers – Approach shoes, which are designed for mountaineers and climbers to walk into the mountains on rocky terrain, are ideal as they are comfortable like a trainer and have extra grippy soles for the rock. However, normal walking trainers are also fine. 
  • Sandals to put on after your via ferrata to air hot feet (for summer months)
  • Waterproof jacket - Hopefully you won't need it but best to have it just in case.
  • T-shirts and light thermals - in hot weather a light coloured t-shirt is best to protect your shoulders from the sun. In cooler weather light weight thermals or other stretchy tops made from wicking materials are recommended.
  • ¾ length trousers and full length trousers - stretchy. For via ferrata ¾ length trousers are good as they don't get hitched up by your harness. Trousers with stretch materiel are best as you need full flexibility. It is good to have t-shirts or vests that wick away sweat rather than cotton ones for doing activities. 
  • Warm layers. It can be cool at night or on higher exposed sections so a couple of fleeces are worth having and some long trousers. Keep in mind light weight and stretch as a rule of thumb. It is best to have several thin layers than one thick layer. 
  • Buff or neck warmer. A neck warmer or 'Buff' can be worn under your helmet or around your neck to help manage warmth, keeps hair out of the way, and also acts as a sweat band for hot days.
  • Swim suit / trunks. Please note that for swimming pools in France, boxer short style swimmers are not allowed – they have to be trunks (the fitted ones) 
  • Rucksack to carry spare sweater, waterproofs, packed lunch, water bottle, and other bits and pieces to the via ferrets. A 25 litre rucksack should be fine. 
  • Good sized water flask or a plastic water bottle. A platypus or similar water system is also very handy for all activities  
  • Fingerless Bike gloves are great for via ferrata to protect your hands 
  • Sun screen – if you usually use factor 15 in the UK bring factor 30 for here and factor 50 for your face and neck. The sun is a lot stronger and the air is thinner so you burn very easily!
  • Lip salve with sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent there aren't a lot of mozzies but around the lakes and rivers they do come out in the evening. A natural citronella style repellant is usually sufficient.
  • Sun glasses - you will need decent sunglasses - category 3 or 4 ideally
  • Sun hat or cap - it is very important to protect your face and neck from the sun and hats are the best way!
  • Phone or camera, spare film or memory card and batteries! If you are planning on taking your camera or phone on the via ferratas, it is worth creating a system to attach it to yourself with a cord and carabiner to protect it from dropping to the bottom of the cliff! A stretchy coiled cord is best so you can move the camera into positions without detaching it and avoids the safety risk of a dangling cord that can get caught up in rope-work.