Wildlife Holidays - Ged and Marian Taylor

March 2017


We had a fantastic few days wolf-tracking in the hills around Gap, where we stayed in the basic but comfortable mountain refuge.


We stayed in a cosy but basic mountain refuge, lit by oil lamp and candles and warmed by a wood stove. Bernard managed to cook a delicious meal each evening on a small gas burner. And we appreciated the showers and tea and pastries at Sally & Bernard’s house after our overnight train journey from Paris, and again after our few days’ wolf-tracking.


We had three memorable days of wolf tracking with Bernard in January in the mountains near Gap in the Southern Alps. There was much less snow than usual for the time of year. This meant the tracks were not so obvious but also meant we could cover more ground.

And though we did not see any wolves we did see evidence of them, and spotted chamois, mouflons, roe deer, golden eagles buzzards and other birds, and protection dogs. We also learned lots about tracking and about the local area and the types of trees and other plants, in French and English.

Bernard also seemed to know what we were capable of and pushed us to heights we would not have dared without him. I’ll never look at scree in the same way again.

We would wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who loves activity, the mountains and nature.