Enjoy the freedom of surfing on the surface of the water and being buffeted along by the wind on one of the largest artificial lakes in Western Europe!!

The Serre-Pon├žon Lake is 20km by 3km - it is almost an inland sea so plenty of space for windsurfing! It's deep blue waters and mountain backdrop make it the perfect location for windsurfing.

As windsurfing is a skilled sport, it is best to do it as a 3 or 5 day course, especially if you are a beginner to be able to master the basics. It isn't advisable to do it as a one off activity unless you are an experienced windsurfer and just want a blast on the lake.

It is possible to go windsurfing as part of a multi activity holiday. You can join the group lessons in the mornings when the wind is at it's calmest and learn the basics of launching, sailing techniques and stance, manoeuvres, self-rescue techniques and safety codes and do other activities in the afternoon or on your free days.

The afternoons are dedicated to private lessons and windsurfers who just want to hire the kit for the afternoon and go off by themselves (you will need to prove your windsurfing competence to hire a board).