Press and Media

We are 100% confident you will love your holiday with us, but don't take our word for it. Here's what the press say about us! We've had various journalists visit us over the years and have had some great articles written about our holidays in magazines, newspapers and online. Some of the older articles date back to when we were Undiscovered Alps and some of the more recent ones from 2017 onwards talk about our new brand, Undiscovered Mountains. The quality of our holidays and services is still the same!!

Please note that whilst we try to collect all articles about  us and take the time to upload them here, we do not have a press officer or anyone dedicated to this job so there are lots of articles missing and some gaps!

Please feel free to read through a selection of some of our favourite articles from the various different media outlets from over the years. We haven't listed everything (see reason above!!) but hopefully this is enough to give you an idea! If you read about us somewhere else or see an article about us that you think should be on this page, then please do let us know and we'll add it on. 

We have posted a selection of cuttings below and you can read through longer magazine articles by clicking on to the links highlighted below which will take you to a pdf of the article.

Our wolf tracking trip has had a lot of interest with articles by BBC Wildlife as well as France Magazine and Irish Walking Magazine.  

Endurance athletes and fitness fans will enjoy Outdoor Fitness's article about our winter activity holiday.

Our mountain biking, cycling and e-biking holidays are also popular with journalists. Among some of the articles that have been written about us are  France Magazine's feature on a mountain biking trip around the Serre Poncon Lake with one of the journalists using an ebike and Cycling World's article about the toughest cycling climb in France, the Mont Colombis, that we recommend on our cycling and ebiking holidays.

The Times & Sunday Times

EasyJet InFlight Magazine

The Times and Sunday Times

Sunday Times E-biking article by Duncan Craig

Men's Health magazine

The Times and Sunday Times