What better way to spend a hot summer's day, than by jumping into deep natural pools of cool clear alpine water, abseiling under the veil of a powerful waterfall or sliding down a natural rock tobogan!!!

What is Canyoning?

A canyon is a natural gorge, that has been gauged out of the mountain side by flowing water. They can be deep with steep cliff walls on each side and generally consist of a series of waterfalls that flow into large pools. Canyoning is an exhilarating journey negotiating the best and most fun route down the canyon!

Some waterfalls carve natural tobogans into the rock that you can just slide down, some steeper waterfalls require abseiling down and some have beautiful deep pools at the bottom that you can just jump into and splash about in!

How to go Canyoning?

It is always advisable to go canyoning with a guide as canyons are very susceptible to local conditions which a local guide will know and take into consideration. You also need specialist equipment, which they will provide.

We have a range of multi activity holidays with canyoning included in the itinerary or you can choose one of our popular fully customisable summer multi activity holidays which includes activity points that you can exchange for a range of activities including canyoning. This customisable summer activity holiday is also available as a weekend micro adventure.

For stag and hen groups, canyoning is a highly popular and hilariously fun activity that is perfect for mixed groups. Please get in touch if you are looking for this sort of adventure weekend and we can tailor make you a quote.

Who Will Love Canyoning?

To enjoy canyoning you need to be able to swim and be happy putting your head under water. A head for heights is also advisable as some canyons contain steep natural slides and jumps or will include a gushing waterfall that you will need to abseil over.

A lot of canyons are quite extreme and for a beginner, even with an adventurous spirit, it is important to choose a canyon that is fun and not too austere for a first experience. We have sifted through the canyons available for our summer activity holidays and canyoning multi activity trips and chosen the ones we think are the most fun and safe!

We even have fabulous kiddie canyons for families and younger children from around the age of six or seven. Have a read of our blog about canyoning with kids if you are keen on taking your children canyoning on your next family activity holiday. For families with teenagers, canyoning is also voted as one of our top three activities to do with teenagers.


How fit do you have to be to go canyoning?

Canyons vary enormously with different fitness requirements. The bare minimum for a fun recreational canyon would be to be able to sustain a 30 minute to an hour mountain walk with some uphill and to be able to swim in cold water (you will have a wetsuit on). Some more extreme canyons require high levels of fitness and technical skills but you can ask when you book your holiday what level of fitness is required for the types of canyons used during the holiday. We can help you choose the right option for you.

Can children go canyoning?

Yes there are canyons suitable for all levels. We have a kiddie canyon available as an activity to choose as part of our customisable summer multi-activity holiday that is great for children aged 7 - 10. Read our blog for more information on canyoning for kids.

What is the best types of holiday for trying out canyoning?

You can try canyoning as part of our customisable summer multi activity holidays in the Alps or weekend breaks or we can tailor make you a canyoning weekend with lots of different canyons to try out. Please get in touch if you would like a tailor made canyoning trip.