Church Refuge

Church Refuge

There is evidence of a community living in the hamlet dating right back to 1492 and between 1724 and 1740 Pierre IV Guerin, Cardinal Tencin, was the Archbishop of Embrun, for the community. The church with a cemetery and bread oven are also noted in the Napoleonic cadastre. 

During the 1st and 2nd world wars, the hamlet was a thriving community and home to over 100 people. Only accessible at the time by horse and cart, the evolution of modern society and lure of larger villages and towns for work, as well as practical considerations such as the obligation for children to be scholarised led to the abandonment of the village. To avoid paying taxes on 'second homes' the owners took off the roof tiles which accelerated their demise into ruins.

The church, also in ruins, was bought by a group of individuals with the objective of renovating the site into a habitable community. The main restoration work was done on the church between 1974 and 1980 with some finishing touches done in 2008.

There is no electricity but the church is equipped with a wood burning stove, a gas cooker, basic crockery and utensils and furniture with a washing up station and dry toilet outside. Staying in this beautiful old church is like going back in time - very rustic but comfortable. 

The church is privately owned and Undiscovered Mountains are very lucky to have permission to use it for our wolf tracking and nature trips.

15 people
1 room

Facilities and equipment included:
, Open Fire or Wood Burner

Facilities and equipment at extra charge:

Board Options

The church is rented on a self catering basis.


The church is privately owned and is not open to the public. Undiscovered Mountains have the privilege of being able to use the church for certain trips on the basis that an Undiscovered Mountains guide supervises the group, that the property is respected and left clean and tidy and that the dry toilet and outside facilities are also used responsibly.

When on a trip with Undiscovered Mountains using this church as your accommodation base, we ask that you ask that you abide by the rules and user guidelines explained to you by your guide on arrival.

You will need to bring your own sleeping mat and sleeping bags for staying here as bedding is not provided by the owners. Please note, there is no electricity.


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