Norwegians have got about on skis ever since skis were invented and the sports of cross country skiing, skating and nordic skiing all find their origins in Scandinavia.

Whilst cross country skiing was initially a used as a means of transportation in Norway it has evolved into many disciplines from a pure fun, social leisure activity to hard core endurance sport and is central to Norwegian culture today. 

One in three Norwegian families own a mountain cabin called a 'hytte' and spend their winters visiting each other by cross country skiing to these remote cabins.

Norway has traditionally dominated the cross country skiing and biathlon world cup and olympic events, and skiers like Bjørn Dæhlie, Marit Bjørgen, Therese Johaug and Petter Northug are among the greatest sports stars in the country.

The gentle rolling mountains and fells of Norway and the snow sure climate of its northern latitudes make cross country skiing a perfect choice of activity to experience in this beautiful country.

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