What is Downhill Mountain Biking?

Downhill mountain biking is quite different from standard mountain biking in that it is only downhill and uses lifts to get back uphill!

It is usually practiced on rough and steep terrain and features frequent jumps, rocks, bumps and drops. As such, it requires a good level of technique and good biking skills in general.

The bikes themselves are quite different, as they are built to go big and shred hard. They are full suspension bikes which are geometrically designed so that you are lower and positioned further back than on standard cross country mountain bikes. This gives you more stability at speed and during cornering. You will be using a very tough, heavy duty kind of machine ! Have a look at our full on downhill biking holiday in the Alps

Other Types of Mountain Biking Holidays:

If you like the idea of going downhill but aren't quite ready for a full on technical downhill experience, why not try one of our cross country mountain biking holidays. Another popular option is to go for an electric biking holiday where you get the uphill oomph from your bike battery rather than a lift.

You can also try a mixture of cross country and downhill mountain biking where you are driven up to a col or mountain pass and then follow a classic cross country mountain biking route back down to the valley. These are generally a mixture of some technical sections with forest tracks and paths and though there may be the odd section where you need to go back up a little, they are generally downhill all the way.

You can also try any or all of the different mountain biking disciplines on our customisable summer activity holidays.