Igloo Expedition in the Alps

You can book this activity as part of any of our winter activity holidays or ask us to tailor make you a special trip with the Igloo expedition included. You can also book onto out Alpine Winter Eco-Challenge which includes the igloo expedition.

Here’s how the adventure unfolds in the Alps:

After packing up everything you need for the expedition, your expert guide will take you snowshoeing through the tranquil snow covered wilderness, past stunning scenery to a remote spot perfect for igloo building.

There are surprisingly lots of animals living in these seemingly inhospitable zones and your guide (experts at transforming tiny black dots into frolicking chamois through binoculars) will help you to spot where they are hiding out.

There are several methods for building igloos depending on the different snow conditions, but the most common technique and the best adapted for this survival adventure is to build a quinzee. This involves creating a pile of snow or you can use existing snow drifts or banks already in existence, and then hollowing it out to create your shelter. The more compacted the snow is the more sturdy and stable your igloo will be. Your guide will give you tips and advice to make the best snow shelter possible in the conditions you have. 

The design of your igloo is important to maximise warmth and security as well as comfort. A good igloo will have a raised area for sleeping on which it is warmer as the colder air will sink to the lower floor. You also need air holes and a way of blocking the entry to keep out wind and cold. Check out our top Igloo building tips!

Once the main structure is built you can get as creative as you like inside building shelves, seats and whatever else you fancy! Once built, you can change out of your sweaty clothes (it is quite hard work building!), relax and wrap up for an unforgettable night!

Dinner can be 'al fresco' under the stars or you can take advantage of the nearby winter cabin shelter and eat in the warmth beside the wood burner! Ether way, you will pass an unforgettable evening in the wilds of the Alps before snuggling up in your sleeping bags for the night.

The next day you'll wake up in truly unique surroundings and after enjoying an 'al fresco' breakfast, you will say goodbye to your home for the night and set off back to civilisation! A memorable adventure!


For an igloo to be secure enough to spend a night, the structure must be solid enough not to cave in or fall on top of you. There also needs to be an air passage to avoid suffocating or carbon monoxide poisoning if using candles or other sources of heat and light that give off emissions. The guide will give you tips as to how to create a solid structure and will test it before allowing you to spend the night there.

We choose a location for the igloo with a winter cabin nearby. This is for security reasons with the cabin acting as an emergency shelter just in case your igloo is not secure enough for the night. It is also a good option for the evening as we can light a fire in the cabin and eat dinner in the warmth! 

The guide will sleep in the cabin and check on you during the night.