Kay Newman - Summer Multi Activity Holiday

September 2017


It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.  The chalet was perfect.  Our welcome from JB was brilliant and very reassuring (to those of us not so keen on some of the activities!). The itinerary was great, and we did pack a lot in but that is what the girls wanted.  We were entertained most of the time and then able to just rest when we wanted to.  A perfect blend. Really warm reception from all the instructors, the barbaque... everything was well thought out.  JB was on hand for any problems.  We felt challenged, but secure!  if that makes sense.  Thank you

newman family tree climbing.jpg


5 stars! Very welcoming feeling to it.  Enough space that you could be on your own if you wanted to, but also great communal eating and watching DVD space.  Outdoor space very nice.  Comfortable and easy to use.


Horse riding: Lupita loved, though she is quite experienced. 
White Water Rafting: Great fun - I would do it again..
High Ropes Adventure and kayaking:  - High Wire excellent, Kayaking -
a little boring if i'm honest, but I think we are adrenaline junkies!
Via Ferratta: - brilliant
Rock Climbing - brilliant
Zip wire - we all agreed a little disappointing  - no rush!!!!                                                                                                                                     Paragliding - the icing on the cake!

Tree climbing and tree tent - just amazing...