Louanne Jansen van Rensburg - Winter Multi Activity Holiday

May 2018


Winter 2017/2018 … We had the time of our lives! From the get-go, we did not intend to plan the typical European winter holiday. We wanted to have a vacation with a twist, with adventure! It was a challenge planning this, until we stumbled upon JB and Undiscovered Mountains. Communication regarding the planning, itinerary, change of schedule etc. was impeccable. JB welcomed us at the guest house, with gifts and a perfectly detailed schedule of our week of discovery and adventure. Our activities were led by very competent and friendly guides… Bernard, our ski-instructor and ice climbing expert, Olivier the hiking and mountain shelter guide, and off course the passionate Huskey-sled guide. Our holiday was perfectly suited and adapted to each of our abilities, including the adventurous Dad, 11-year-old son, 13-year-old daughter as well as the more hesitant mom. It was a fairytale holiday but with indescribable adventure!! A holiday with many firsts: First time experiencing snowfall for the kids; First time skiing in the most beautiful landscape; First time hiking through virgin snow; First time sleeping in a “Heidi” mountain hut in the Southern Alps; First time climbing up a frozen waterfall; First time interacting with the Huskies and being amazed by the Undiscovered mountains during our sledding experience. Thank you JB and Undiscovered Mountains…. You are highly recommended for anyone who wishes to experience the true French culture and French Winter adventure without the commercial buzz of other ski resorts. From the South African family, Dirk, Louanne, Megs and Dian