Mark Anderson - Summer Multi Activity Holiday

August 2019


This was the first holiday we had booked through undiscovered mountains and before we arrived, we were really impressed with how we were looked after. Emily, who co-ordinates the whole trip, was nothing short of spectacular, personable, professional and attentive....she really cared about our experience and helped to book our trips.

When we arrived we had a warm welcome from our hosts and were delighted with the accommodation - as described and very french. The property in Villette was truly beautiful and located in the mountains, just as we had asked. The owner had built a 'Swin Golf' course near by and we played a couple of games with was great fun.

JB arrived and was just great at explaining all the activities we had booked and helped us to understand where they were located....we also were given instructions on printed sheets which helped. JB was always there to support us and thankfully we didn't need to call him ! He was very friendly and personable....again, he really cared that we had a great holiday.

Each day had something planned and the highlights for us were Canyoning and the tour de france......on both occassions we joined the 'wider' undiscovered team and they were a really fun group to be with. On the canyoning we joined Sally (owner), he husband (guide) and her lovely sister.....and lots of kids. The Tour de France went through Gap and we were kindly invited to join Sally at her home and then we walked down to spend the day watching the guys come through....with the caravan before, it was quite an experience.

Our 11 year old had a great time and loved all the water options.....aqua parks, caving, white water rafting, paddle boarding.....there was so much to do and it was a lovely part of the world to be in. All of the guides were professional and we never felt unsafe, even when I was coming down a waterfall at the end of canyoning !

So, we as a family, would not hesitate to recommend this company and the experience we had was truly wonderful......we wish them all every success as it's nice to book with decent people who care.

Thanks TEAM Undiscovered Mountains......!!

2019 canyoning in the Alps Susie (1 of 17).jpg